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Funny SpongeBob Memes Compilation

meme is an idea, behaviour, or style that becomes a fad and spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme. The main goal is to actually make you laugh even when you are not in the mood to laugh.

And When you talk of the best place to actually get a good meme as such, then you talk of Spongebob memes.  Spongebob memes are just too funny that it will make you laugh to forget your surname LOL! just kidding. But, damn! they are super funny and helpful as well.

Therefore, to all the fans of Spongebob, Mr Krabs, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Plankton, Spongebob Squarepants has become universal. You can’t seem to log onto social media without coming across some Spongebob memes. yeah!  that’s true. because over the years, SpongeBob memes have been quite entertaining and lit as well. There is however some reasons why this Nickelodeon TV series has grown to be this popular in recent days.

A  reason given by Schimkowitz goes thus, “the combination of factors make Spongebob memes so popular — nostalgia for the past, for one, and the fact that the cartoon was made for children actually makes it easier to design memes. Another reason? Emotions

“Pop cultural figures that become very meme-able have a lot to do with their ability to express specific emotions. And Spongebob — and the characters on Spongebob — are incredibly direct in what emotion they’re trying to express,” he says.

“There’s no real subtlety in terms of when Spongebob is happy, or when he is sad, or when he is angry,” Schimkowitz continues. “He just is those things, which makes it much easier for people online to use them essentially as emojis and share them to express how they’re feeling about a particular subject.”

One more reason to Spongebob’s fame is “the yellow sea sponge’s recognizability is also one of the pulls”.

Let’s skip the stories an go on to the main reason why you are on this page.



Although, there is a diverse number of SpongeBob memes on the net, below are some very funny collection of memes which are quite great for every occasion.

 It’s Probably Corona Virus

Mom:  Its just headache

Doctor: Yeah! Its normal headache.

meme and jokes

We live in a world where access to health information is just a few keystrokes away. That isn’t always a good thing though, especially for those with anxiety. Anxiety thrives off of the fears of others, turning something trivial, like a headache, into a health emergency. Think Woody Allen’s character from Hanna and Her Sisters, and you’ve got the right idea.

This is all thanks to anxiety’s tendency to override common sense and cause sufferers to question their own sense of judgement. But though it may be tempting to do so, it’s probably not a good idea to rush over to the doctor just for a minor headache, and there are better resources online for tackling pressing health questions. And no, Yahoo Answers isn’t one of them.

Yeah, That’s What It Is. Nothing To Worry About

Ah, the old ‘just tired’ response. A classic get out of jail free card whenever someone wants to avoid a lengthy conversation about the complexities of mental health. While it may be tempting to disregard one’s feelings in favour of a quick excuse, it’s always a good idea for people with anxiety to talk about their symptoms with someone who’s willing to listen. Most experts would recommend that sufferers find a mental health professional who can properly diagnose issues and look for ways to treat them.


They Hate Me, Right?

Me overanalysing the way someone  spoke to me bc it was Lil off from how hey usually speak to me

spaogebob memes

People are weird. Sometimes, it’s easy for them to hide their emotions and pretend that everything is fine, when in reality it’s not. That makes it hard for some people to guess someone’s mood by the tone of their voice. Sure, yelling and flying off the handle is obvious, but a slight change in tone could also be a sign. Or maybe they have indigestion. But it could also be thinly veiled contempt or anger generated towards someone.

It’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole of wondering whether or not a friend or family member is upset, especially if reading verbal queues isn’t a strong suit.


This Is Your Brain, And This Is Your Brain On Memes

funny spongebob memes

We don’t want to bash antidepressants. After all, they have worked wonders for millions of people. Yet, nothing’s perfect, and there’s no such thing as miracles. Even the best medications come with side affects that can leave the user feeling better, but also kind of worse, than before.

For antidepressants, drowsiness and weight gain are the two most common, though these are by far not the only ones. For most, it’s a balancing act between the benefits and risks, and for most, it’s worth it.


When You’re Too Lazy To Take A Shower

best spongebob meme

This meme hits too close to home for lazy people.

SpongeBob’s body language is also super relatable here. Who among us hasn’t sat in a really uncomfortable position in a chair but been to lazy or dejected to move?


F Is For Friends Who Do Stuff Without You

sponfebob deep blue sea memes

F us freind who do stuff withou you

U is for uninvited

C is fir clinging onto hope

that yoou wont keep  getting forgotten

K is fir kripsy kreme yum

This is not what I wanted this post to turn out like

Obe time I got in the shower and

Came out and no one was home

And the lights were off, my entire famiy went bowling and forgot about me.


This meme is a meeting of two major forces on Tumblr: talking about your depression and making memes.

The original poster wrote a very sad remix of the “The F.U.N. Song.” SpongeBob sings it to teach Plankton how to have fun. Then it starts to spell the F word. Then the OP tries to regain control of the conversation. His or her “this is not what i wanted this post to turn out like” shouldn’t be funny. Clearly, this person wanted to vent about their horrible life while making a bitter joke about SpongeBob. But the rest of Tumblr had a little too much fun with it


These Boots Are Made For Walking

spangebob me before a date meme

Me before a date: don’t dress weird, don’t act weird, dot say anything weird.

Me showing up to that date….LOLS! WEIRD!!!

It’s always funny when a SpongeBob meme is sexual in any way, because the show isn’t sexual, at least on the surface (it can be if you’re watching carefully). So having SpongeBob be a manifestation of our first date weirdness is a strange juxtaposition because he is so nonsexual.

The above are some of the interesting funny SpongeBob SquarePants memes. Like we initially said, there are many thousands of them out there that were not written on this page.

By the way, I think you need to check out these Spongebob funny quotes and laugh more. and If you some words of inspiration, then Spongebob gat you covered with over 50+ SpongeBob’s inspirational quotes. Thank you so much for reading.

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